Interview with C-Heads Magazine, Photos by Ed Little

The young London gallery owner India Rose James modelled for this exclusive photo shooting with photographer Ed Little and vividly brings across the spirit of youth with her cute and fresh looks. In addition to that we briefly chatted to India about the fable behind her name, the best thing about being in your 20´s and about being blessed.

India, what was the most fun part about this photo shoot, and what was the most challenging?

Ed the photographer was great to work with, the shoot was so much fun, the only challenge was when we tried balancing a whisky glass on my leg and it kept falling off! 

What’s the best thing about being in your early 20’s? And the most difficult part? 

This best thing about being in my early 20s is that I’m not afraid of failure. I only have myself to look out for and can be very productive and creative. I hope that when I get older I maintain the spirit of youth but no doubt I’ll have the challenge of greater responsibility. 

How do you feel about being the granddaughter of someone as famous as your granddad was? Is it more a blessing for you or something that can be quite tough to deal with and to live up to? as in one interview you said “money means you can do more things people have expectations and perceptions,”? 

It’s definitely a blessing and I’m very grateful for what I’ve got. My grandfather handed me great opportunity. It can be alienating because my circumstances are so different to most people’s but I find I lead a very normal life and don’t contend with my past. 

What is the story behind your parents having given you the name India? 

There’s no great fable. My dad calls me Rosie so I’m guessing it was my mother’s half of the coin that won the toss. They probably picked those names out of a hat. 

You are happiest when… 

I’m with my girlfriends at the pub, or at home 

Your wildest dream? 

I’d love to work in the fashion industry, perhaps as a designer ultimately. 

What makes you feel good? 

Working at the gallery and exhibiting new and upcoming contemporary artists. I love the moments when new shows are hung and we open the exhibitions. It’s really exciting. 

What are you sentimental about?  

Aladdin my Pug, followed by my boyfriend. Maybe it should be the other way around. I think Aladdin would choose my boyfriend over me though! 

On a Saturday night we can usually find you? 

Momos on Heddon St. 

The most important thing in life?

Aside from the obvious I think it’s necessary to keep active and ambitious and find joy.

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